I Help Middle Aged Women Solve Middle Aged Health and Hormone Problems.

Are you ready to:

  • Gain more energy
  • Get better sleep
  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Boost your sex drive
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Balance your hormones

About Dr. Angie

Hello! I am Dr. Angie Cross, DC

Here are a few of my favorite awards and credentials!


-2003 Palmer- Davenport Graduate Arizona and Iowa licensed to practice Certified and NBCE approved for Acupuncture

-2003 Deepak Chopra Certified Meditation

-Instructor -Genomix Genetic Testing certified Labrix Advanced

-Hormone Testing certified

-Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness Method Certified

-Creator of Mind-Body-Cleanse Program virtual

-Speaker and on the Doctors advisory board for Yoli Weight Management Nutrition Company.


“Dr. Angie changed my life, after struggling with fertility for years, I did testing and wellness work with her. What feels like a miracle to say, my baby girl is now 6 months old! I am forever grateful and can not speak highly enough of Angie!”

“I had some embarrassing changes going on with my body and not only did Dr. Angie makes me feel so comfortable while working with her. I truly am feeling better now in my 40’s than I ever have! She is amazing at what she does!”

“Dr. Angie Cross is so much more than just a check up, see me 2x a year kind of doctor. I have learned an astronomical amount of life tips I never knew. From anti-aging, my hormones, my marriage, and even weight loss. She has impacted so many levels of my life!”

“No words can describe how grateful I am for Dr. Angie giving me back my old life, after falling ill for years, gaining tons of weight, having so much anxiety and stress I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel like “me” again. I can honestly say after working with Dr. Angie, I am not just surviving life anymore I am thriving and so grateful!”

“I don’t think anyone wants to admit yet talk about high stress and low sex drive, being moody or mean all the time and taking it out on my family. When I started following Dr. Angie and following her teachings seriously within a few weeks I felt like a whole new person. Her ability to not only help me but push me to take care of myself and my home is invaluable!”

The Book

Your Temple: Holistic Health & Healing By Dr. Angie Cross
The Human Body and all its functions is a complete miracle. It holds an infinite power to heal itself. The innate intelligence that is taking place every second of every day is working synergistically to produce what we know as Optimal Health.

“Well written & informative! Great Book! Great Information! Would recommend it!” – Stephanie G.