Bye Bye Late Night Snacks! – How to Quit Snacking Before Bed!

If you are like 80% of people who struggle with late night snacking, this is going to hit home for you! You find yourself opening your pantry door staring at the chips. You open the freezer and look at the ice cream. You see the wine bottle calling for one more glass to relax. These “bad habits” are some of the worst. Not only are they bad habits for your health, but also horrible for your mind. You are trapped in the guilt-pleasure cycle. You enjoy the “guilty pleasure” for a moment, then the next morning you are mad at yourself for not having the will power. And so the cycle continues…….

One of the most common complaints I hear when it comes to weight loss is how hard it is to stop late night snacking. I will be completely honest and let you know, I too occasionally struggle with this. Who hasn’t? A few things are happening that cause this cycle to live on. If you understand WHY, it helps to overcome the problem.

Let me explain, below you will find six tips and tricks to overcome the bad habits and how to replace those high carb late night snacks so you won’t fall back into old patterns!

#1: The body craves comfort and one of the ways we help with with soothing ourselves is with warmth! hot tea, hot water, heating pad, warm towel, hot baths or hot showers! When we feel warmth we reduce cortisol, cortisol is the stress hormone we feel through the day so naturally by the end of the day we want to find ways to reduce stress, hence snacking! All you have to do is re-train your brain to go to warmth instead of food.

#2 For my salty late night snackers, a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt will really take off the edge here is why! When you Adrenals are stressed you crave salt which is why I recommend these low carb, easy salty snacks at night! Things such as warm bone broth, pickles (low carbs), or combine the pink salt with your warm water will give you that salty satisfaction with less calories.

#3 For my SWEET tooth late night snackers, stabilizing your blood sugar is going to be a big part of solving your problem ( tip #5). You may not be aware of a bug lurking inside of you, making you crave the sugars! There is a condition called candida  , otherwise known as yeast which makes people crave sugar uncontrollably. So one of the ways to lose the sugar craving is to kill of the excess yeast living I side of you. To do this, add a good probiotics, adding more garlic to your food, oregano oil, and take apple cider vinegar to your daily routine. You have to get intentional about your sugar consumption or you will keep feeding the candida!

#4 Go to bed an hour or two earlier! It sounds simple but it will make a big difference, if you take away an hour or two window from your evening it’s less likely to consume more calories. Towards the end of the day we get tired. When we get tired our will power goes down. It sounds simple, but the science behind that simple statement is deep. Your body produces brain chemicals called dopamine, serotonin, gaba and many more. What happens is when we get tired, or stressed, those chemicals are decreased and our body wants “more” to feel “balanced”. One way we can increase them is through food. This is a dangerous cycle to get into. Once you start the “habit” of using food/drinks for comfort or to relax then we set up the neural feedback loop in the brain associating the “comfort food” with the “feeling good or being relaxed”.  Sooooooo friends, There is a highly intelligent cycle going on in your brain that you did a wonderful job at training it to do to feel a certain way.

You say, “great Dr. Angie, now what do I do to un-train my brain”. GREAT QUESTION……

Which leads me into tip #5; Stabilize your blood sugar and eat more protein!  Let me just reassure you, that if you trained it to use food/ drinks for comfort. You can un train it and retrain a new “brain pathway”. I always say thoughts that “fire together, wire together”. Meaning your brain is top level at firing neurotransmitters and wiring the “action or thought” that went with that “burst or hit” of dopamine or serotonin. the precursor to this powerful brain chemicals are amino acids. Amino acids are made from protein! Along with eating more protein throughout the day make sure you are eating nutrient rich food every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar stabilized. When your blood sugar is stabilized, this helps from over eating at night!

#6 Brush your teeth RIGHT AFTER you eat your evening meal! Again I know it sounds so simple but it is highly effective!! Who wants to eat after they brush their teeth! Keep your tooth brush handy! If you start to feel like you want a snack or to eat again, retrain your brain and brush your teeth instead!

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I sincerely hope this tips help you to feel better, kick those late night habits and even loose weight if thats your goal!

So much love,

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